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DAB Studio

DAB Test Studio is the integrated in equipment which can analyze ETI files, modifying and transmitting immediately.
(DAB, DAB+ ETI Analyzer, Editor, RF Generator unified and support all DAB radio broadcasting specifications)
DAB Test Studio support creating, deleting and modifying functionality in ETI files for DAB Test and DAB+ Test. Also, It is possible to editing, creating the new xml files with FIC(Fast Information Channel) and MSC(Main Service Channel): DAB Test, DAB+ Test, DMB Test
DAB Test Studio
DAB Studio - ETI Analyzer, Editor and Generator
  • Main Features
    ■ DAB All Character set support
    - EBU Latin, UTF-8, UTF-16 support
    ■ DAB/DAB+/DMB ETI Analysis
    ■ DAB/DAB+/DMB ETI Edit:
    - FIC DATA Edit
    (MCI, SI, Service Link, Announcement and EWS)
    - MSC DATA Edit
    (Sub channel Data, Audio Data, MOT, DLS/DL+,
    SLS, Intelitext and BWS and EPG)
    ■ DAB/DAB+/DMB ETI Create and Generating:
    - Edited ETI Direct Generating and save as XML type
    - Ensemble Reconfiguration
    ■ Real-time Analyzing, Editing and Generating support
    ■ Support Auto test
    ■ Integrated Software System
    Service Following Test
    - DAB to FM RDS
    - FM RDS to DAB+
    - Support all cases
  • RF Specification
    ■ Output Connector : N Type
    ■ RF Output Frequency : 50 ~ 1GHz
    ■ RF Frequency Resolution : 1KHz
    ■ Frequency Accuracy : 3 x 10-6 / 25 ℃
    ■ RF Power Level : 0 ~ -110dBm
    ■ RF Level Resolution : 0.5dB steps
    ■ RF Level Accuracy : ±0.5dB relative to the level at 18-33 ℃
    ■ RF Impedance : 50 Ω
  • Integrated Software System
  • System Diagram