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Automotive / Test & Measurement.


The RWC2010C is equipped with Ensemble Multiplexer, which simply enables it to simulate the functions of broadcast stations. Protocol parameters can be easily edited via friendly GUI, and applied immediately to the signal being broadcasted. The built-in Ensemble Multiplexer supports up to 64 Services and 64 Service Components for DAB/DMB and up to 4 Streams for DRM with easy on/off configuration, where the graphical structure helps users understand how to build.
Digital Radio Multiplexer
  • Main Features

    DAB/DAB+ Multiplexer 

    DRM30/DRM+ Multiplexer

    3xFM RDS/1xAM Transmitter

    ETI/MDI Player

    Audio Analyzer

    ETI / MDI Player

    ETI (or MDI) files describe the characteristics of a signal suitable for transporting a full DAB Ensemble (or DRM Multiplex), where the ETI comprises a number of subchannels and a formatted Fast Information Channel (FIC) between a DAB Ensemble provider and a transmission network provider, and the MDI comprises a number of streams and a formatted Service Description Channel (SDC) between a DRM Multiplex provider and a transmission network provider. It means that if a specific broadcasting station’s T-DMB/DAB (or DRM) signal is recorded as an ETI (or MDI) file, the recorded file contains all the information about the station. Using the RWC2010C’s ETI/MDI player function with these files, specific broadcasting stations’ T-DMB/DAB signals or DRM signals can be easily regenerated in labs.

  • Analog Radio Transmitter
    The RWC2010C provides analog AM/FM and RDS transmit functions. Most DAB/DRM receivers also have analog AM/FM features, so it is meaningful to integrate the test system with both digital radio functions like DAB/DRM functions and analog radio functions into a single tester.

    Audio Analyzer (TBD)
    The RWC2010C provides an audio analyzer function which can not only measure the audio signal quality (SINAD, THDN and SNR) and frequency, but also show audio waveform and audio spectrum.

    Functional Test
    The RWC2010C supports high-tech protocol tests such as Reconfiguration, Announcement, and Alternative Frequency. Reconfiguration is a function to provide the required mechanisms for changing the multiplex configuration whilst maintaining continuity of services. Announcement is a function for a compulsory situation or automaton functions.

    Service Linking Test
    The PC application software, "Service (Seamless) Linking Test Tool" allows users to connect up to four RWC2010Cs and RWC2100Fs and build a wide range of test environments with mixed combinations of DAB, DRM and FM RDS services.
    Supporting Protocols
    · Supporting DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM30, DRM+, AM, FM, and RDS Built-in Ensemble Multiplexer

    Built-in Ensemble Multiplexer
    · Easy to edit Ensemble: 64 service components for DAB and 4 streams for DRM
    · Various data services (BWS, TPEG, EPG, SLS, and SPI)
    · Reconfiguration, Announcement, Alternative Frequency, TII, and Time functional tests Compatible File Player

    Compatible File Player
    · ETI and MDI file player function with OFDM Modulation
    · IQ file player function for DRM30 only

    Service / Seamless Linking Test
    · Use of two or more RWC2010C or combination of RWC2010C and RWC2100F
    · Supports powerful Alternative Frequency(AF) functions for service linking test

    Single Frequency Network (SFN) Test
    · Two RWC2010C testers can transmit precisely synchronized DAB or DRM signal
    · Adjustable delay between signals with 0.1us resolution through a data cable

    Multi-Channel FM & RDS Function
    · Up to 3 FM / RDS radio signals can be generated simultaneously
    · Provides a dedicate embedded RDS editor

    Audio Analyzer (TBD)
    · Make it possible to test receiver sensitivity
    · Audio measurement: SINAD / SNR / THDN
    · Audio waveform and spectrum
    · OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex)
    · D-QPSK (Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying), 16QAM, 64QAM
    · FM/AM

    · LF/MF/HF Band: 0.15 to 30MHz
    · BAND I/II/III: 47 to 68MHz, 87 to 108MHz, 174 to 250MHz
    · Resolution: 1kHz
    ·Accuracy: ±1.5ppm/yr @ operating temperature

    Output Level
    · -10 to -110dBm (OFDM: -10 to -120dBm) for BAND I/II/III
    · -20 to -110dBm (OFDM: -20 to -120dBm) for LF/MF/HF BAND
    · Resolution: 0.1dB
    · Accuracy: ±1dB

    Output Level with RWC9500B (optional)
    · +20 to -75dBm (OFDM: +15 to -80 dBm)
    · Resolution: 0.1dB
    · Accuracy: ±1dB

    Audio Analyzer Characteristics
    · Input Frequency: 0.1 to 20 kHz
    · Input Range: Single Ended 2.25 Vrms
    · Bandwidth: 20 kHz
    · Common-Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR): 56 dB
    · Connection Type: 3.5 pi Stereo

    · Better than 1:1.5

    Frequency Reference
    · Internal Reference & Stability: 10MHz, ±1.5ppm/yr @ operating temperature
    · External Reference Input: 10MHz, 0 to +20dBm MAX.

    Data IO Port
    · Ethernet for Remote: RJ45
    · RS232 for Remote: D-sub 9
    · Data IO: RJ45

    · Operating temperature: 5 to 40℃
    · Line Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
    · Dimension: 240(W) x 110(H) x 348(D) mm
    · Weight: 5kg
    · Display: 5” Color LCD
    · Internal storage: 256GB

    * The specifications are subject to change without notice.
    C2010C-00: Digital Radio Tester - Full Option DAB/DAB+/DRM30/DRM+/RDS/FM/AM
    C2010C-01: Digital Radio Tester - DAB+DRM DAB/DAB+/DRM30/DRM+
    C2010C-02: Digital Radio Tester - DAB+Analog DAB/DAB+/RDS/FM/AM
    C2010C-03: Digital Radio Tester - DRM+Analog DRM30/DRM+/RDS/FM/AM
    C2010C-04: Digital Radio Tester - DAB Only DAB/DAB+
    C2010C-05: Digital Radio Tester - DRM Only DRM30/DRM+
    C2010C-06: Digital Radio Tester - Analog Only RDS/FM/AM