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The RWC9500A is a Radio Power Amplifier used in combination with the RWC2010B. It can only be used with RWC2010B, and calibrated. RWC9500A calibration data must be downloaded to RWC2010B
RWC9500A UHF/HF/MF Radio Power Amp Amplifier
  • Main Features

     Frequency Range

     1MHz to 250MHz 

     Maximum Input Power

     -20dBm (OFDM)

     Maximum Output Power

     0dBm (OFDM) 

     Operating Voltage


     Output Power Tolerance

     ±1.5 dB


     < -20dBc

     Operating Temperature

      +10 +10 to to to +40 +40℃


     80(W) x 22(H) x 80(D) mm

  • Usage
    Step 1) Connect 'IN' to RWC2010B
    Step 2) Connect 'OUT' to DUT
    Step 3) Plug in 'DC-in' (12V)

    Step 1) Plug out 'DC-in' (12V) Connect 'IN' to RWC2010B
    Step 2) Connect 'OUT' from DUT
    Step 3) Disconnect 'IN' from RWC2010B
  • Power-On Steps