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Broadcast / Media Solution.

Multi Channel Modulator


As an 8-VSB modulator employing the ATSC 1.0 standard 8-VSB modulator, it is an 8-VSB modulator that receives MPEG Transport Stream (DVB-ASI) signal and outputs it to a suitable frequency band for DTV transmission. Up to 3 channels of 8-VSB RF output are possible, and PSI/PSIP Generator (MGT, VCT, PAT, PMT) is supported. It also supports QAM Modulation and DVB-T Modulation as multi-format modulation functions. In addition, it can automatically transmit emergency broadcasts in case of a disaster by linking with an integrated management server (CMS/NMS/EM Server), text subtitle broadcasts through text subtitle overlays, and network monitoring for efficient equipment management. 

8-VSB / Multi CH & Format Modulator
  • Main Features

    • Up to 2CH, 8VSB Modulation RF output.

    • Freely select an output frequency (50 MHz to 1002 MHz) with a 

      high-performance RF Up Converter interior.

    • Modulation of HD/SD TS signals to stable 8-VSB. 

    • With the application of the direct digital synthesis (DDS) modulation method, 

      there is little change in characteristics despite excellent characteristics 

      and environmental changes. 

    • Monitoring the adjustment status by hiring LCD Display. 

    • Convenient control function by LCD display. 

    · Input Mode Setting 

    · Data, Bit Rate Setting 

    · Output Frequency/Level Control 

    · TV/CATV Band Selection Function 

    • PSI/PSIP Generation : MGT, VCT, PAT, PMT support. 

    • QAM / DVB-T Modulation Support (option) 

    • Support for NMS (Option) & Web Browser using HTTP/SNMP Protocol. 

    • Configured to link text captions, network monitoring, and emergency broadcasting (Option) 

    • 1RU, Standard 19" Rack Mount Type.