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Broadcast / Media Solution.

12CH Streaming Transcoder


The ESDR1000 is a broadcasting-grade equipment that complies with broadcast standards and supports compression, streaming, decoder, recording, ingest, TV channel recording, switcher functionality, and SDI/HDMI/streaming/SMPTEST2110,2022/SRT/NDI/WebRTC input/output at the same time as 12-channel UHD support. The fast-changing IP media era demands stronger and more efficient solutions. SV-ESDR supports encoder/streamer/decoder/recorder processing by inputting V/A signals, media files, TV reception, and network streams with concurrent 12-channel SD to UHD resolutions. In addition to multi-CG and subtitling processing independent of each channel, ESDR is a solution for compressing/decoding and transmitting/recording upcoming UHD-based images. It also handles 12ch independent Ingest tasks with enhanced Schedule functionality. Alternatively, the input/output switch function allows you to switch the input signal in the operating state without loss. It is a solution that enables 12-channel encoding and 12-channel decoding, allowing easy IP broadcasting and broadcasting MXF/MOV/AVI recording. Encoder/Stream/Decoder/Recorder/Ingest/Switcher/Matrix.

Encoder/Stream/Decoder/Recorder Ingest/Switcher/Matrix
  • Main Features

    • UHD Encoder / Streamer / Decoder / Recorder / Ingest / Switcher / Matrix / CG

    • SV-ESDR UHD support and H.265 Encoder Engine 

    • UHD/HD/SD No-latency Transport/Receiving 

    • Various input and output 

    • UHD/HD/SD Real-time Ingest (12ch) 

    • Auto-Failover base, Failover, Failback Switch function support 

    • SV-ESDR UHD/HD/SD Real-time Encoder/Transcoder (12ch) 

    • CG adopted Scaler 

    • SV-ESDR UHD/HD/SD Real-time Decoder (12ch) 

    • Smart Viewer Support 

    • SV-ESDR High-performance Signal Analysis Algorithm 

    • ATSC/DVB Digital Broadcasting Recorder 

    • Various Distribution of SV-ESDR output 

    • High-speed UHD/HD/SD Media File transpormation 

    • HDR10 input and output

  • Specifications

    1. Video Processing Algorithm 

    2. Network Base Transport Protocol 

    3. High Speed Video/Audio Transcoding Algorithm 

    4. Video/Audio Encapsulation Algorithm 

    5. H265/4, MPEG1/2/4, DivX, WMV, VP8/9 Encoder & Decoder & Streamer & Recorder Technology 

    6. CloudMedia / Mobile IPTV/OTT/Middle Ware/PLAYOUT/Switcher/Playout 

    7. Switcher/PLAYOUT/Multi viewer/Mobile Streamer 

  • Reference

    • Government Offices Internet Streaming and Broadcasting 

    • Professional Broadcaster and In-house Broadcasting 

    • Multi Channel high quality video (UHD/HD/SD) HEVC Encoding 

    • High quality broadcasting services on low bandwidth networks. 

    • High-definition broadcasting-level IPTV service and TV channel recording service 

    • IPTV N-Screen Media Services 

    • Christianity and various religious Internet broadcasting and IPTV services. 

    • High definition relay system for external live broadcasting 

    • Use it as a return signal at the station. 

    • Broadcasting service via 4K video decoder. 

    • Securing mobility of broadcasting through linkage with SV-MCaster and linking services with previously established broadcasting equipment; 

    • Monitoring services via physical source output from input sources 

    • H.265 Format Only Encoding and Decoding Service 

    • Maximizing broadcasting area services through IP Camera, CCTV, DVR linkage