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Posted on July 5, 2020 in ATSC News

While Covid-19 may have slowed deployment of ATSC 3.0 because of travel restrictions, broadcasters throughout the country are charting plans to collaborate and launch new services throughout 2020. Most recently, stations have signed on with ATSC 3.0 signals in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Nevada.

“Our second transmission stick is now on the air in Phoenix, and we’re planning a commercially-available Single Frequency Network facility that should be operational soon.  That makes the Phoenix market a premier test environment for consumer electronics firms and transmission manufacturers,” explained explained Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV, on behalf of the Phoenix Model Market partners.  Both are working to launch additional markets this summer and into the fall.  “We also working on a national Next-Gen TV retail and broadcast TV consumer campaign that will be unveiled later this summer.”

Meanwhile, a number of other markets are planning ATSC 3.0 broadcasting. ATSC’s up-to-date deployment tracker lists the most current information.

“Cooperative efforts among broadcast competitors are taking shape across the country. With the launch of NextGen TV in Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Salt Lake City, we’re well on our way to developing the skills and expertise to make deployment more routine ,” said Jerry Fritz, OneMedia’s Executive VP for Strategic and Legal Affairs.

“[Full power stations in] Portland, Oregon are next on the list right after July sweeps followed by six more markets in August and another five after November sweeps and the election. Avoiding potential market disruptions during those critical times is part of the planning criteria ,” he said.

“With plans by other groups to light up additional markets, our industry is well on the road to meeting the challenge to bring these exciting opportunities to broadcasters and our audiences. The deployment will not only enhance our traditional businesses, but also open the door to data services long-outside our reach,” said Fritz.

Posted in ATSC News